• To equip grassroots players with excellent basis badminton skills.
  • To promote and improve the standard of badminton in the State and in the Country
  • To promote and develop badminton as a healthy sports for all ages.
  • To reduce social illness such as illegal racing,substance abuse and loitering amongst youths in the country by getting them involved in badminton
  • To enhance the India image in the global arena in Badminton


  • By 2020, we will be recognized as the India’s leading sports academy in the development of youth for Badminton
  • We will be a leading player in fitness, health and wellness education in Gujarat.
  • To have more individual participation in badminton and to get international recognition from our trainees, who have trained in our badminton academy
  • To refine the skills and fitness of badminton lovers to better enjoy the game
  • Ensure the growth and long-term sustainability of the Aloka Sports Academy by collaborating with various external stakeholders including the government, sports federations/associations and private institutions/clubs, in India and abroad.

Aloka Sports Academy, established in Jan 2018, is an upcoming professional Badminton training academy for both males & females students whilst simultaneously supported by a state-of-art Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Medical assistant/Physio room which provides the perfect platform for players to continue to train and compete at a high level and prepare themselves for state, national and International level tournaments.

Located in the vibrant city of Gujarat, Aloka Sports Academy is spread across 9000 and is already widely regarded as the home of badminton enthusiast. Over time, we aim to produce both top level sports personalities and students who advance with a passion and in-depth understanding of the sport and the importance of performance.

With the increasing number of students, we wish to provide best facilities, top International level coaching and progression into the pro ranks. We have some really talented golden age individuals (30 and count keeps on increasing) on our team, several of whom have played Badminton at State level.

The primary aim of our academy is to train players of all age groups on basic badminton skills. We strongly believed mastering these skills is the basic necessity to become a good badminton player. These basic skills is further complimented with the use of our natural body movement. Beside skills training, Aloka Sports Academy will instill values like self-discipline, perseverance, punctuality to all our players.

We believe that playing sports is an excellent avenue to teach moral principles and characteristics such as dedication, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship. These goals for both the sport and development of players is the foundation of Aloka Sports Academy.

Badminton is for everyone, therefore, at Aloka Sports Academy, we design training programs to suit your aspirations. Also, we aim to provide an avenue for new and upcoming talented players to achieve their dreams, as our programme will function to polish their badminton skills and to win tournaments of national and international standards.

Aloka Sports Badminton Academy sports a host of experienced and skillful coaches who are knowledgeable in this sport and are able to construct training programmes to develop, mould and guide badminton lovers to become better players.

Aloka Sports Academy Address
1020 Lavarpur, lavarpurprantiya road,
near GIFT city, Gujarat 382355

Contact: 094846 71292


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